Soil Erosion Medium

As its name states the principal use of soil erosion medium is for erosion control. It is a soil stabilizer which is used in soil bio-engineering and civil engineering to control erosion and sedimentation.

COIR 365’s Soil Erosion Medium comes in three variants which are Coir Blankets, Coir Geo-Textile or Netting and Coir Log.

  • Coir Blanket

    Coir Blanket

    Erosion control blankets are made of coconut coir fibre with biodegradable top and bottom grids stitched up together to form a sandwich. Top and bottom layers hold coir fibre with the help of stitched yarn. These coir mats have been developed for extreme slopes, high-discharge channels, and applications requiring permanent protection and vegetal reinforcement. These blankets prevent soil compaction and crusting while resisting the damaging effects of wind and rain. These benefits accelerate vegetative development while the blanket decomposes overtime and becomes part of the soil..

  • Coir Geo – Textile/Netting

    Coir Geo – Textile/Netting

    Coir Geo-Textile/Netting is a Hundred percent natural organic blanket made out of natural coir fibre. This product is used for control of erosion and/or plant growth on embankments on the sides of roads, rivers and canals. The net could also be used for shade in nurseries.

    It can also be laid before the carpeting of roads to eliminate vibration. Mesh size, number of strings, eye size can be determined as per buyers’ requirements and supplied with various widths and lengths. It is hundred percent natural and bio-degradable..

  • Coir Log

    Coir Log

    Coir Log is a tubular or cylindrical knitted mesh stuffed with coir fibre. Coir logs are widely used on stream banks, sea shores and lake shores for controlling the sand slide. It is also used in desert an area for controlling sand over comes. The principal use of this product is for erosion control on the banks of rivers, ponds and other inland water bodies.

    Coir Log may also be used for Water diversion, Sediment filtration, Silt pond construction, Spill containment, Sand control, Stream Bank Stabilization, Flood control and Coast Erosion Control..