Other Coir Based Products

COIR365 has a number of products referred to as Other Coir Based Products such as Weed controlling mats, Feherer Machine Twisted (FMT), Moulded Coir Pots, Bird nest, etc.

  • Bird Nest

    Bird Nest

    This is a product which is made of coir fibre similar to that found in natural bird-nests for nature lovers..

  • Moulded Coir Pots

    Moulded Coir Pots

    Mattress fibre is sprayed with a certain amount of natural rubber and these are formed by using moulds. As the fibre has the property of moisture retention, coir fibre flower pots enhance the rooting of plants. Moreover, unlike plastic pots and polythene bags coir fibre flower pots are bio-degradable and could be absorbed into the plant’s system as a nutrient after decomposing. Therefore, coir fibre flower pots are gaining popularity all around the world. Flower pots are manufactured in various shapes and sizes according to the need of the end-user..

  • Twisted Fibre (FMT)

    Twisted Fibre (FMT)

    FMT fibre is twisted both manually and mechanically. It is mostly done mechanically as this ensures efficient productivity. While manually twisted fibre is referred to as hand twisted (HT) mechanically produced fibre is referred to as Feherer Machine Twisted (FMT) fibre. The proportions of fibre used for twisting varies according to buyers’ requirements. FMT is mostly used in automobile and upholstery industries..

  • Weed Controlling Mat

    Weed Controlling Mat

    Mulching around young trees is very important as it helps them obtain essential nutrients needed to survive the early stages of development. Mulching helps suppress the growth of weeds around a tree’s root system, with more young trees failing due to lack of mulch than from wind or any pests. COIR 365 manufactures weed controlling mats out of pure coir fibre with one hundred per cent natural rubber spray which are available in varying thickness and diameter..