• Husk Chip Briquette and Bale

    Husk Chip Briquette and Bale

    Husk chips, briquettes and bales are cut pieces of coconut husk available in different sizes from small to large. Natural coconut husks are cut into chips in various sizes from quarter inch to one inch. It has a water retention power ten times that of its weight and releases moisture to the plant for a longer time.

    Husk chips help fertilizer in giving its full efficiency in any soil and under any weather condition. Husk chips are free from weeds, prevent insects and harmful fungi. They support sandy soil and make heavy soil lighter providing ideal conditions for seed germination. Coconut husk chips are compressed into blocks for easy transportation. This product works well in all types of potting mixes or even as standalone. It is also an ideal substitute for wood bark in flowerpots and flowerbed decorations. It retains water and releases it evenly as the mix dries out. It is also ideal for flowers such as orchids, anthuriums and many others.

    These products are made available by COIR 365 in two different forms according to customers’ needs which are washed materials and unwashed Materials..