• Coir Fibre Grow Cube

    Coir Fibre Grow Cube

    Coir Grow Cubes based on all experiments conducted by COIR 365, have shown to give optimal growing results in a complete one hundred per cent coconut coir growing medium. This special mix gives the user the correct ratio of air space and water holding capacity enabling plants to grow both healthily and rapidly. Therefore it is popular in segments such as agriculture, horticulture and floriculture.

    Plants are highly vulnerable to external environmental effects during their young seedling stage. Therefore, to provide additional care, young plants are grown in nurseries.

    The Coir Grow Cube is an ideal product to grow plants in nurseries due to its unique features which provide a conducive micro climate for the growth of seedlings. Therefore, after a certain period the seedlings could be transplanted in the field with the Coir Grow Cube without causing much stress to the plants.

    COIR 365’s Grow Cubes promote healthy root growth while decreasing propagation time..