Coir is the pith element of the coconut husk or shell. It is considered the best organic, bio-degradable, environmentally friendly growing and soil erosion medium. Today world over, Sri Lanka is considered the best source for coir.

Straight-Line international’s contributions to the coir industry to help support the fact that Sri Lanka is the world’s best source of coir, is its own home grown brand COIR365. Coir products under this brand carry the guarantee of availability, a single fixed price and a consistent above average standard of product quality exceeding international standards all year round.

COIR365 is divided into three categories which are now not just manufactured to international standards as generic unbranded products but rather with branding by Straight-Line international.

  • Bird Nest

    Bird Nest

    This is a product which is made of coir fibre similar to that found in natural bird-nests for nature lovers..

  • Moulded Coir Pots

    Moulded Coir Pots

    Mattress fibre is sprayed with a certain amount of natural rubber and these are formed by using moulds. As the fibre has the property of moisture retention, coir fibre flower pots enhance the rooting of plants. Moreover, unlike plastic pots and polythene bags coir fibre flower pots are bio-degradable and could be absorbed into the plant’s system as a nutrient after decomposing. Therefore, coir fibre flower pots are gaining popularity all around the world. Flower pots are manufactured in various shapes and sizes according to the need of the end-user..

  • Twisted Fibre (FMT)

    Twisted Fibre (FMT)

    FMT fibre is twisted both manually and mechanically. It is mostly done mechanically as this ensures efficient productivity. While manually twisted fibre is referred to as hand twisted (HT) mechanically produced fibre is referred to as Feherer Machine Twisted (FMT) fibre. The proportions of fibre used for twisting varies according to buyers’ requirements. FMT is mostly used in automobile and upholstery industries..

  • Weed Controlling Mat

    Weed Controlling Mat

    Mulching around young trees is very important as it helps them obtain essential nutrients needed to survive the early stages of development. Mulching helps suppress the growth of weeds around a tree’s root system, with more young trees failing due to lack of mulch than from wind or any pests. COIR 365 manufactures weed controlling mats out of pure coir fibre with one hundred per cent natural rubber spray which are available in varying thickness and diameter..

  • Coir Blanket

    Coir Blanket

    Erosion control blankets are made of coconut coir fibre with biodegradable top and bottom grids stitched up together to form a sandwich. Top and bottom layers hold coir fibre with the help of stitched yarn. These coir mats have been developed for extreme slopes, high-discharge channels, and applications requiring permanent protection and vegetal reinforcement. These blankets prevent soil compaction and crusting while resisting the damaging effects of wind and rain. These benefits accelerate vegetative development while the blanket decomposes overtime and becomes part of the soil..

  • Coir Geo – Textile/Netting

    Coir Geo – Textile/Netting

    Coir Geo-Textile/Netting is a Hundred percent natural organic blanket made out of natural coir fibre. This product is used for control of erosion and/or plant growth on embankments on the sides of roads, rivers and canals. The net could also be used for shade in nurseries.

    It can also be laid before the carpeting of roads to eliminate vibration. Mesh size, number of strings, eye size can be determined as per buyers’ requirements and supplied with various widths and lengths. It is hundred percent natural and bio-degradable..

  • Coir Log

    Coir Log

    Coir Log is a tubular or cylindrical knitted mesh stuffed with coir fibre. Coir logs are widely used on stream banks, sea shores and lake shores for controlling the sand slide. It is also used in desert an area for controlling sand over comes. The principal use of this product is for erosion control on the banks of rivers, ponds and other inland water bodies.

    Coir Log may also be used for Water diversion, Sediment filtration, Silt pond construction, Spill containment, Sand control, Stream Bank Stabilization, Flood control and Coast Erosion Control..

  • Husk Chip Briquette and Bale

    Husk Chip Briquette and Bale

    Husk chips, briquettes and bales are cut pieces of coconut husk available in different sizes from small to large. Natural coconut husks are cut into chips in various sizes from quarter inch to one inch. It has a water retention power ten times that of its weight and releases moisture to the plant for a longer time.

    Husk chips help fertilizer in giving its full efficiency in any soil and under any weather condition. Husk chips are free from weeds, prevent insects and harmful fungi. They support sandy soil and make heavy soil lighter providing ideal conditions for seed germination. Coconut husk chips are compressed into blocks for easy transportation. This product works well in all types of potting mixes or even as standalone. It is also an ideal substitute for wood bark in flowerpots and flowerbed decorations. It retains water and releases it evenly as the mix dries out. It is also ideal for flowers such as orchids, anthuriums and many others.

    These products are made available by COIR 365 in two different forms according to customers’ needs which are washed materials and unwashed Materials..

  • Coco Peat Bale

    Coco Peat Bale

    Coco Peat Bale is an extremely cost effective method that may be utilized with easy wet expansion. It has the additional benefit of being adaptable to any situation.

    Coco peat bale can be incorporated into sandy soils along with green and artificial manure and is useful for improving the physical conditions of heavy clay soils while it’s used in fertilizer mix as a base for export..

  • Coco Peat Briquette

    Coco Peat Briquette

    Coco Peat Briquette is an ideal option for potting, hanging baskets or other applications where large expansion is not required..

  • Coco Fibre Pith / Peat

    Coco Fibre Pith / Peat

    Coco Fibre Pith/Peat is a hundred percent natural organic growing medium or potting soil for growers and it can be used in many applications according to the growers’ needs.

    Depending on the end users requirement Coco fibre pith is compressed or packed in different forms such as briquette, bale while also created as disk in different sizes, bulk pack, etc..

  • Coir Fibre Grow Cube

    Coir Fibre Grow Cube

    Coir Grow Cubes based on all experiments conducted by COIR 365, have shown to give optimal growing results in a complete one hundred per cent coconut coir growing medium. This special mix gives the user the correct ratio of air space and water holding capacity enabling plants to grow both healthily and rapidly. Therefore it is popular in segments such as agriculture, horticulture and floriculture.

    Plants are highly vulnerable to external environmental effects during their young seedling stage. Therefore, to provide additional care, young plants are grown in nurseries.

    The Coir Grow Cube is an ideal product to grow plants in nurseries due to its unique features which provide a conducive micro climate for the growth of seedlings. Therefore, after a certain period the seedlings could be transplanted in the field with the Coir Grow Cube without causing much stress to the plants.

    COIR 365’s Grow Cubes promote healthy root growth while decreasing propagation time..

  • Coir Fibre Grow Bag

    Coir Fibre Grow Bag

    Coir Fibre Grow Bag is one of the popular growing mediums for the hydroponics green houses, horticultural and agricultural industries at this present.

    Currently COIR 365 grow bags are manufactured to over 70 sizes which are starting from

    • Small size 20cm x 20cm x 8.5cm
    • Large size is ending with 200cm x 20cm x 8cm

    Two main Grades, which are

    • Washed Material
    • Un-washed Material

    and four different mixtures to conform to customer requirements. While each Grow Bag can be custom printed it is compressed and packed in LDPE co-etract UV treated poly bags in two gauges as per requirement.

    Regardless of size and mixture required by the customer, COIR 365’s standards in quality remain constant and par excellence.